David Ball

[ Video Post-Production | Website Development | Photography ]

Ojika Island, Nagasaki Japan

With over a decade of experience utilizing digital media to tell engaging stories and establishing my client's online presence, I believe that mindful design leaves a lasting impression. My passion for design stems from two interests: community building and social good. Combining my professional experience with photography, website design, digital video, and print, I have a toolset capable of executing campaigns that elevate my customers' projects to help them flourish.


  • Website Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Google AdWords / SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • User Experience
  • CMS Training


Small Business + Small Task Friendly

I have found that many tech-averse business owners often need help with various parts of their business operations online. I offer my digital media expertise to solve various problems many struggle to find solutions for.

I have assisted companies such as restaurants, art studios, construction contractors, and coffee shops to improve their online presence and experience.

No task or problem is too small when it needs to get done.

Get in touch with some specifics about your issues to see if I am able to help relieve your technology headache.


  • Domain Registration + Setup
  • Email Configuration
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • Headless CMS Transitioning
  • Database Recovery
  • DVD Authoring
  • DV Tape Capture + Archiving


Edited by David Ball

Directed & Produced by Salome Chasnoff